About Me

I began giving readings after many years of psychic and spiritual experiences. I have been involved with the spirit world my entire life. Due to my unusual childhood, I was taught very early how to embrace and use my psychic gifts. I have always been able to see and communicate with spirits and I learned how to trance and channel energies before age 11. 

My psychic gifts include:

- accurate psychic predictions 

- communication with the dead

- communication with non human spirits

- removal of spirits from homes

- receiving messages through psychic touch

- feeling the emotions of others 

- removing energy blockages and attached energy from clients

- seeing and healing chakras

- speaking to spirit guides 

- communicating with animals (living and dead)

- prophetic dreaming and dream interpretation

- communicating with children who are about to be born (usually for mothers who are newly pregnant)

- remote viewing of objects, homes and people

- viewing past lives

Clients have described my readings as healing, encouraging, and accurate.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.